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. president obama meeting with the ceos today at the white house to discuss efforts of security and private industries. here is an inside look. michael chertoff. welcome. we are thrilled to have you this afternoon. >> good to me on, lori. lori: you are saying cyber threats are a bigger threat than al qaeda type attacks. >> you are really dealing with separate attacks. one is intellectual property. a lot of it going overseas. pat has a serious economic impact. they can interfere with people's ability to get access. there is a possibility of an attack on political infrastructure. transportation system, water system, power system. that could have real-life consequences. each of these is a real life problem. lori: where are we now if the goal is fast, stealing trade secrets and there is a threat to human life, at one point will that be killing the ultimate goal? >> i think we are in several different places. i think national security adviser spoke a couple days ago about the need to really raise this with the chinese in a vigorous fashion. they have to understand they are hurting themselves glo
more on washington. >> the obama white house wafrted little time in criticizing the budget, when it comes to reducing the deficit the math doesn't add up and the middle class will pay the price. >> this is the alternative to balance. it results in unfair tax hikes on middle-class americans and it results in undue burden on middle-class americans. >> this afternoon, the president met with senators from his own party, just the details of the budget plan surfaced and that plan will call for $1.85 trillion in deficit reduction and evenly split from tax increases from closing loopholes and spending cuts. the white house says the contrasting budget plans and the president's blueprint which will be released in early april with negotiations to follow are a return to what washington calls regular order? while both budget plans are dead on arrival in their opposing houses, tomorrow president obama will return here to capitol hill to meet with house republicans in what the white house calls an effort to engage lawmakers in the budget process. it's also being dubbed his charm offensive. for
? >> that was president obama telling abc news he is considering reopening the white house for tours. perhaps he finally realized that not only the worst kind of p. treasurer keep the doors close but the white house belongs to the people. i offered to chip in and help keep doors open for the tours for the kids. sean hannity got on board and donald trump offered to pick up the entire check. while the pinheads in the white house work on damage control this looks like victory for the american people. we spoke and he listened. we are going to return the people house back to the people. president obama said it wasn't my decision. it was the secret service. does it sit well with you? >> dana: no. is anything at all his fault? anything bad that happens he takes no blame for. if something good, he takes credit for it. it's masterful. they announced that george stephanopoulos would have the interview i said this is not a good idea. all they did is an inside baseball thing. they didn't drive any message. jill lauren of "national journal" wrote a piece saying what does he accomplish doing the interview? plus, he t
-out from the recent sequester cut like the white house tours. president obama now says he is trying to get some reinstated. the president is changing his tune and changing his story. >> the fall-out over white house tours continues after president obama mixed up who shut them down. in an interview with abc news' george stephanopoulos. >> i have to say this is not a decision that went up to the white house. >> that contradicts what spokesman jay carney told reporter last week about the back and forth between the secret service and the white house. >> to allow the secret service to best fulfill its core mission the white house made a decision we would unfortunately have to temporarily suspend the tours. >> pressed on the contradiction today, carney insisted there was no contradiction. >> the secret service made a decision to withdrawal personnel from tours. >> that comes as the president plays defense on the sequester, suggesting he may reopen some tours. >> are there ways to accommodate school groups? you know, who may have travelled here with bake sales. can we make sure that kids potentia
white house and president obama policies, thing like the affordable care act and the new tax revenue gained by the fiscal cliff deal. >> brown: that was passed at the end of last year. >> right. brown: that plays into how he's getting to his budget balance. >> that is a huge part of the math of how he's getting there in the ten-year window. he doesn't make medicare changes until 2024. so that wasn't really part of it. it was through these other savings. >> brown: on the democratic side, it's tomorrow. patty murray is the senate budget committee chair. she's putting forth a plan. partly, this is interesting, because there hasn't really been a democratic plan for a while, right? >> that's absolutely right. the senate democrats haven't produced a budget since 2009. this was a real talking point of the republicans. so part of the challenge of her budget is to defang that idea that the senate democrats don't produce a budget. but also it's a tricky thing politically because she has to unite very different people in her caucus. everyone from, you know, the liberal independent senator from
the next decade. yesterday, house republicans released their blueprint which they say would balance the budget by 2023 by making major cuts to spending and overhauling programs like medicaid and medicare. but to president obama, balancing the budget alone not his top priority. >> paul ryan is challenging you to come forward with a budget that also reaches balance. are you going to do that? >> no, my goal is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance. my goal is how do we grow the economy, put people back to work, and if we do that, we're going to be bringing in more revenue, if we've controlled spending and we've got a smart entitlement package, then potentially what you have is balance but it's not balance on the backs of, you know, the poor, the elderly, students who need student loans, family who have got disabled kids. that's not the right way to balance our budget. >> a major part of congressman ryan's plan relies on repealing the president's landmark health care law, a tactic house republicans have tried dozens of times before without gaining any traction. >>
will see what happens when president obama tomorrow meets with house republicans. that will be their first meeting since june of 2011 when ere were also talking budgets. joining is now to talk about tomorrows meeting and what he expects, the budget battle that is now under way, joini us, congressman greg walden, new york and republican chairman of the congressional committee, energy and commerce committee, chairman of the communications and technology subcommittee. congressman, great have you with us. are you excited about tomorrow? >> you know, it is always interesting when the president comes to visit washington and certainly up to capitol hill, so we welcome him to hear what he has to say. lou: and what he has to say will be in the form of a budget. we have to wait until apparently the week of april 8. >> this is nearly unprecedented. you have to go back to when warren harding was president. he should have had this. you're at least t months late. if he were the ceo of any major company wouldot be a ceo right now with these limits uses. lou: it would be interesting to see how his shareho
of organizing for accident, a nonprofit group created by former obama campaign aides and white house advisers this year. the group is raising millions of dollars from donors to rally support for issues like gun control, and immigration reform and climate change. >> the roman catholic archdiocese of los angeles will pay nearly 10 million to settle for clergy sex abuse cases. adjourns attorney confirmed that the ninth when i leave a settlement which alleged abuse by a former priest michael baker. two cases where to go to trial sent a judge and attorneys for the alleged victim's that also receive punitive damages. baker met with cardinal roger mahony in 1986 and invest less in two brothers for nearly seven years. hoodies that baker for a psychological treatment but easily but back in a ministry where he molest again. baker was to make them less in what was it 2007. the alleged point of are the batboys brothers. the ones that america is considering a change of policy against allowing openly gay members. not sent out a questionnaire that goes beyond assembly answered all his subjects. among the ni
to meet with house republicans today and with senate republicans on thursday. friday, mr. obama travels to the argonne national laboratory near chicago. it is one of the energy department's largest laboratories for research staff by more than 1000 scientists and engineers. in a few moments, a look at today's headlines and your phone calls live on "washington journal." the house will be in session at 10:00 a.m. today's agenda includes a bill that will prohibit the obama installation does obama administration involving work programs. bill cassidy of louisiana will talk about the affect of the healthcare law on jobs. representative when more -- when more is a member of the house budget committee. she will discuss a bud
? while both budget plans are dead on arrival in their opposing houses, tomorrow president obama will return here to capitol hill to meet with house republicans in what the white house calls an effort to engage lawmakers in the budget process. it's also being dubbed his charm offensive. for nightly business report, i'm hampton pearson in washington. >> as hampton pointed out, health care costs were a big focus in the house proposal, coming up, we'll talk to howard dean and journalist steven breaux about proposing costs. >>> the winning streak extended to an a little session in a row. it sent the blue chip average up nearly three points closing at 14,450. that's another all-time high and the nasdaq lost ten points and the s&p down four points ending seven straight days of gains. >>> blackberry was the most heavily traded company on the nasdaq today. more than 80 million shares changed hands while above the average daily volume there. shares were off theerly 3% this on a day when pre-orders where the company's z10 smartphone began. some are looking that the product as a potential m
don't think it's fair to take more from hardworking family to spend more on washington. >> the obama white house wafrted little time in criticizing the budget, when it comes to reducing the deficit the math doesn't a
: president obama meeting with house republicans today. this is the second day in a row the president will hit capitol hill. liz: the focus is the budget. was any progress made is the big question? let's head to rich edson on capitol hill hopefully with answers, rich? republicans will say they will see what comes out the president's budget and what is in it. house republicans and president obama talked on capitol hill. the president emerged and said it was a good and useful conversation. congressman paul ryan president said he did himself good. some republicans said it was a set of talking points talking with another set of talking points. they have their version and comes to taxes and spending fundamental differences remain. >> president understands, yeah we have some long-term spending we need to deal with but he is going to hold hostage the fact he wants to raise taxes on the mile-per-hour people again. that is not going to get us very far. >> there are no sacred cows. we put everything we can on the table but we do it in a responsible way that preserves, protects and strengthens the progra
patty murray will unvail the democrats budget plan and the white house now says president obama will release his own budget plan the week of april 8th. >>> a young couple is facing serious charges in a disturbing child endangerment case. police arrested 22-year-old samantha and raymond on tuesday. that arrest came after the woman's toddler was taken to the hospital with a dangerous amount of drugs and alcohol in his system. sheriffs deputies say the couple was drunk and high on drugs when they arrived at the home and found open bottles within reach of the child. >>> a 24-year-old woman has been arrested accused of kicking a toddler at a playground in san francisco golden gate park. police say sabrina bell kicked the one-year-old girl in the chest on monday. she also threatened to kill children at the playground before running away. police eventually arrested bell not far from the park. the little girl suffered minor bumps and bruises and did not want to go to the hospital. >>> time now 6:18 reports of sales of foreclosed the houses in the east bay and south bay are at their lowe
to the white house to meet with president obama. the president laid out an executive order earlier this year saying the government needs to work with the private sector to stop cyber attacks. the pentagon is now creating 13 teams to help defend the u.s. against major computer attacks from abroad. but they won't be in place for another two years. all this comes after we told you in january about a secret chinese military unit with the one priority of hacking into computers mainly here in the u.s.. >> china's massive campaign to steal technology, business practices, intellectual property and business strategies through cyber space continues and continues relentlessly. >> reporter: the federal government is worried how the cyber attacks could threaten everything from wall street to the countries power grid to economic growth. i'll break it down for you when i see you next hour. live in washington, kyla campbell. >>> time now 6:17. today is day two of president obama's charm offensive on capitol hill. yesterday the president met behind closed doors
on in washington? later today, president obama will meet with house republicans in hopes of striking a bipartisan deal on several issues ranging from deficit reduction to gun legislation. president obama kicked things off yesterday meeting with senate democrats who reportedly pushed back against any potential deep cuts to entitlement programs but the president's outreach which began a week ago when he dined with senate republicans apparently isn't going over well with everyone. the national journal ron fornia asks, quote, is this a schmoozeathon? is this a schmoozeathon a legitimate act of humility and leadership? or a cynical public display? he quotes two white house officials, one of whom called the strategy a, quote, joke. adding it seems intended to satisfy the media more than anything. another said if there is a bipartisan deal it won't be because the president shared steaks and merlot with a few senators. >> harold ford, cynical thing for people at the white house to say. >> i call it a sniping going on. >> i spoke with valerie and some other people over there, they sure don't believe this.
with nearly $1 trillion in new revenue, according to the wall street journal. the white house plans to release president obama's budget proposal in the second week of april. meanwhile, in mo-town, detroit city officials are making a plea to the governor. governor rick snyder recently declared the motor city was in a financial crisis and needs an emergency financial manager. some detroit city officials are sending a message to the governor they prefer sticking with a modified fix-it plan already in place. the detroit free press reports attorney kevyn orr, who managed chrysler's bankruptcy restructering, is the governor's top pick as financial manager. former gop presidential candidate mitt romney is also rumored as a possibility. the government continues to sell off its stake in gm. unfortunately, uncle sam took a loss on the latest trade. according to bloomberg news, the treasury sold 18 million shares when the stock traded between 26 and 28 dollars last month, collecting nearly a half- billion dollars in the process. all told, the government has recovered $29 billion of its $49-billion invest
. president obama went to capitol hill to sell his second-term plans to house republicans. it was his first meeting with the entire republican caucus in two years. republicans only seem to care about achieving an balanced budget, however. he got a standing ovation but various news reports show that john boehner ovation was louder. >> obama: it was beautiful. >> michael: speaker boehner said the meeting was productive but. >> republicans want to balance the budget. the presidents doesn't. republicans want to solve our long-term debt problem. the president doesn't. we want to unlock our energy resources to put more americans back to work. the president doesn't. >> michael: the president is entering hostile territory now. joining me now is charlie pierce he comes to us from boston, welcome back into "the war room." >> thank you. >> michael: most people are distracted by the new pope today. will the president or republicans benefit more from this quincecoincidence. >> there was no white smoke coming out of the white house today i'll tell you that. that process has broken dow
.c. president obama will travel up to capitol hill, the one mile from the white house, traveling up to capitol hill again today. he met with senate democrats yesterday. today, he will meet with house republicans which will be a total waste of his time and theirs because we all know what the house republicans are going to do. they will vote one more time to approve the paul ryan budget which was released yesterday, and which is a total non-starter, a total joke totally dead on arrival when it gets to the senate because it's the same as the last two paul ryan budgets, which destroys medicaid, turns medicare into a voucher program, gives the wealthiest of americans another tax -- yet another tax break and would repeal obamacare. it ain't going anywhere. we will get into that in a and a whole lot more right here next. stay tuned on current tv. billy zane stars in barabbas. coming in march to reelz. to find reelz in your area, go to reelz.com we have a big big hour and the iq will go way up. (vo) current tv gets the converstion started weekdays at 9am eastern.
this delicate issue president obama met with republican house leaders today and his charm offensive for some kind of a budget deal but there were fireworks inside that meeting and we'll hear about it from one of the republican congresswoman who was there next up on kudlow. [ kitt ] you know what's impressive? a talking car. but i'll tell you what impresses me. a talking train. this ge locomotive can tell you exactly where it is, what it's carrying, while using less fuel. delivering whatever the world needs, when it needs it. ♪ after all, what's the point of talking if you don't have something important to say? ♪ executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds. and you...rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. now this...will work. [ male announcer ] just like you, business pro. just like you. go national. go like a pro. >>> >>> welcome back to "the kudlow report". i'm larry kudlow. in this half hour b
exclusive, our no-holds barred interview with president obama at the white house not backing down on the budget fight. tough words for north korea and china and are those white house tours coming back? >>> new details breaking overnight in the high-profile hack attacks. new names surfacing, mitt romney and tiger woods. as the scandal escalates and the fbi rushes to close it down, the president also weighs in with george at the white house. >>> and the unforgettable hole in one on a major golf course when this golfer was swallowed by a massive sinkhole 18 feet under the ground. how his buddies rescued him and how he says returning to the green will surprise you. >>> wonderful crowd out there again. good morning, america. yep, there it is. the black smoke coming out of the chimney on top of the sistine chapel just moments ago. you can see very quickly that it was black and, of course, that means no pope yet. >> they were taking no chances. the cardinals have cast two more rounds this morning but no cardinal has the crucial 77 votes needed. josh was there in st. peter's square when t
is that president obama is meeting with house republicans. president obama arriving on capitol hill about 35 minutes ago. >> mr. president, what do you hope to gain? >> hi. how are you? >> so president obama meeting with the house republican conference at this hour. he will be back up on capitol hill tomorrow to wrap up his series of meetings, what some are calling with his charm offensive. he's meeting with senate republicans and democrats as well. here on c-span, ahead of our house coverage, we'll take you live in just a bit to a hearing on the senate side. the senate armed services subcommittee on personnel has been holding a hearing. started this morning and continues with the second half this afternoon that's looking at sexual assaults in the military. heard this morning from victims of sexual assault. and this afternoon, senators will hear from military and legal officials from the army, air force, navy and coast guard. and the hearing is delayed just a little bit as there's a vote under way on the senate floor, vote on an amendment to the continuing resolution. so that just got under way on t
, with the other news of the day. here's hari sreenivasan. >> sreenivasan: the u.s. house voted today to block the obama administration from granting state waivers to work requirements under welfare. republicans charged the president is trying to gut the 1996 welfare reform law. last summer, the white house said it would grant waivers, if states can meet welfare-to-work goals by other means. so far, no state has applied for a waiver. the house bill is not expected to pass the democratic- controlled senate. a juvenile court in steubenville, ohio today opened a rape trial that's drawn international attention. the two defendants are high school football players, ages 16 and 17. they're accused of raping a 16- year-old girl last august. social media postings have fueled claims that other students should have been charged and that police under- played the incident to protect the football team. the police have denied it. in china, authorities near shanghai pulled hundreds more dead pigs from a river that provides drinking water to the city. in all, they've found more than 6,600 pig carcasses in the
to see you both this morning. president obama will meet with a group of ceos at the white house today to discuss ways to improve cybersecurity. the president will solicit input on how the government and private sector can best work together. earlier this week it was said companies are increasingly concerned about cyberattacks originating from china and jpmorgan is the latest victim of cyberattacks. chase.com was unable to users on tuesday hit by a denial of service attack. the hacker activist group is claiming responsibility. it has pledged to hit several u.s. banking websites. >>> the faa cleared boeing's battery fix perhaps setting the stage for 787 to once again take flight. we'll tell you more when we come back on "worldwide exchange." [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all? it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work.
. >>> during my tour, i was raped by a superior noncommissioned officer. >>> house call, president obama meeting today with republicans, including his leading critic. >> the question is will he go on the campaign trail and start campaigning against us like he has been. was the so-called charm offensive a temporary poll-driven political calculation, or a sincere conversion? >>> plus former secretary of state madeleine albright is here, author of "prague winter," and also on the latest global threats here he goes again, dennis rodman turns up on a "roman holiday." >>> and wouldn't you know, papal sea gull is now trending on twitter. let's hope it doesn't get covered with black smoke. good day i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. for a second day voting is indeed under way. when the 115 voting cardinals agree on a choice, who can garner 77 votes, puffs of white smoke will billow from this chimney, signaling that the church has a new leader. coyning me from the vatican, nbc's chris jansing and father john. thanks for being with us, chris. talk about what has happened so far today. there w
that message picks up from right where president obama and the white house left off with their scare tactics about sequestration and these draconian cuts which of course amount to less than 3% across the board of the fed, entire federal budget which, for i think for most people doesn't seem to be that draconian. jon: the federal budget that will spend more money this year than it spent last year even with the cuts? >> that's right. i actually calculated this yesterday. in the ten years that i've been covering congress, federal spending has gone up 65%. which, means that i think a lot of those of us in our business have not been doing a very good job of policing the budget anyway. but, so, you know, the organizing for action committee group has done a very good job. they sort of picked up with the scare tactics right where president obama left off. quite frankly the reason president obama is easing up personally on this we saw just, today, or yesterday, in an interview where he denied that he made the, the white house played the decision to cancel the tours because of sequestration even thoug
for repealing president obama's healthcare overhaul, something that democrats say, well, frankly, it can't happen. mike emanuel with the news live on capitol hill tonight. it was the democrat's turn. what did they say. >> the white house put out a statement concrete plan boost the economy and reduce deficits. today the chairman of the senate budget committee made her pitch. >> our budget reflects the pro-growth, pro-middle class agenda that the american people went to the polls of in support of in the last election. and i believe it is is a strong and responsible vision for building a foundation for growth and restoring the promise of american opportunity. >> though senator murray and white house like it not clear how senate democrats up for re-election 2014 will feel about voting on another 1 trillion-dollar tax increase. shep? >> shepard: we heard today from com ryan. he is contrasting the house g.o.p. budget with the senate plan. >> that's right. congressman paul ryan notes that his own plan would increase government spending each year but just not at the rate that we are doing curren
increases. meantime, president obama went to the hill today to meet with house republicans, hoping to sell his proposal to strike a so-called grand bargain of tax increases and entitlement cuts. but when the president releases his own budget plan in april. >>> also in the spotlight in washington today, president obama meeting with some top ceos to talk about the threat of cyber attacks and the huge economic losses that come from computer hacking. the president said he's taking cyber security seriously, so seriously that he met with those business leaders in the situation room at the white house. eamon joins us from the white house with more. >> hi, you guys. well, it was about a dozen ceos here at the white house. the white house itself has been a little cagey about the list of ceos who attended this meeting. we staked them out and didn't see a whole lot on their way in or way out, but we're told jamie dimon was here, also rex tillerson was expected to attend and a long list of other top business ceos from a range of industries. clearly this was a meeting that the president said was import
and the white house says president obama will release his budget the week of april 8th. also today president obama will meet with ceo's from major companies to get their input on how the government and private sector can best work together to improve cyber security. coming up why the director of national intelligence says cyber attacks now pose more of a threat to the u.s. than a terrorist attack. >>> time now 5:07. let's check in with sal. already we are following fog and crashes a busy morning. >> it is busy already. pam, welcome back. the traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving in many areas. but it's foggy. i can show you the east shore freeway. if you look at the screen you can see is cars moving through. very thick fog. when you two to the toll plaza just a little bit away you can see fog here. not a lot of traffic yet. but mark and i will be the fog brothers this morning. talking about the fog and mark will be moving around. this is a look at the livermore to castro valley commute. that traffic looks good on the road commute. this morning if you are driving in san jose
. >> patty murray will unvail the democrats budget plan and the white house says president obama will release his budget the week of april 8th. also today president obama will meet with ceo's from major companies to get their input on how the government and private sector can best work together to improve cyber security. coming up why the director of national intelligence says cyber attacks now pose more of a threat to the u.s. than a terrorist attack. >>> time now 5:07. let's check in with sal. already we are following fog and crashes a busy morning. >> it is busy already. pam, welcome back. the traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving in many areas. but it's foggy. i can show you the east shore freeway. if you look at the screen you can see is cars moving through. very thick fog. when you two to the toll plaza just a little bit away you can see fog here. not a lot of traffic yet. but mark and i will be the fog brothers this morning. talking about the fog and mark will be moving around. this is a look at the livermore to castro
, president obama headed back to the capitol today. this time to meet with a tougher audience after meeting with senate democrats yesterday. now house republicans, members of his own party are expressing doubt about how effective he will be at this. also senate democrats releasing their own budget for the first time in about four years, calling for a trillion dollars in new revenues by closing loopholes, but no significant changes to medicare. democrats have rejected the republican plan released yesterday that would have cut the deficit by nearly $5 trillion by repealing president obama's health care law and making changes to those under 54. the one budget we have now to see from the president. the white house says it won't be ready until april 8th, about two months late, richard. >> danielle leigh watching those budget proposals. we'll see what happens. thank you so much. >>> turning now to a bizarre and gruesome story. new york's so-called cannibal on cop is facing life in prison after his conviction for conspiracy to kidnap, cook and eat women. the jury decided that gilberto valle was no
as well at the vatican. i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm hem. president obama will talk to house republicans face-to-face meeting on the hill with him hours before democratic senator patti murray introduces her budget proposal. some of the highlights of the democratic plan, it does not balance the budget. it does include $257 billion in cuts to medicare providers. $975billion in new revenue, many of which will come by way of closing tax loopholes. martha: chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live from capitol hill. what else do we know about the senate democrat's plan, mike and how different it is from the one we heard proposed from the other side of the aisle from paul ryan. >> big differences from paul ryan's plan. this would fully replace the automatic spending cuts known as sequestration. it would spend or in vest in things like education, job training, infrastructure. they are calling for new tax revenue. leading senate republicans say that democrats are obsessed with raising taxes. >> what we are putting forth is own additional trillion dollars in taxes. they have
at 5th. c.h.p. is headed to the scene. >> we will watch the 101 accident closely. president obama is back up on capitol hill to face republicans in the house of representatives for the first meeting in two years. as lawmakers wait for the president to unveil his budget plan, they are moving along with partisan plans of their own. house budget chief paul ryan has a plan to balance the budget in 10 years without raising taxes repealing the president's health care law, converting medicare to a voucher-style system and kit federal pensions. senate democrats unveil a plan of their own, a 50-50 mix of tax hikes and spending cuts. >> boy scouts of america has a questionnaire on a change in the policy banning gay scout leaders and members, e-mailing to 1.1 million adult scouts with a list of five questions: is it acceptable for a gay and straight scout to share a tent overnight? the scouts are posing such questions as the organization tries to determine whether to lift or modify their gay ban. cow leaders will vote on the issue in may. >> the bay area newest ferry service is in financial
in tax revenue in president obama's health care reform bill, including taxes on tanning salons and high value health care plans, which provoked erick erickson to question whether house republicans should even vote for it. since paul ryan's budget keeps the obama care tax revenue stream, isn't voting for his budget a violation of the repeal pledge? and in an interview with cnbc, paul ryan could not continue to pretend his budget choices had any attachment to reality. >> in terms of your budget, if you don't get it this year, likelihood of getting repealed this year is very, very, very low, does it blow a hole in your ten year budget? >> sure it blows a hole in the budget. it calls for continued spending. what is a budget? it is our vision for how we should fix this country's fiscal problems. >> the president of the center on budget and policy priorities and this program's most trusted budget analyst issued a report tonight on the ryan budget saying in critical ways the budget is exceedingly vague and as a result its claim to reach balance in ten years is hard to take seriously. the budge
obama calling in a number of ceos to the white house and they are going to talk about the cyber threat. >> some of the vulnerabilities, whether they be states or denies criminal groups, vulnerabilities exist that we need to take care of. connell: with us now to talk more about all of this, former director of the national cyber security center is almost phone with us. >> the financial services is targeted with particularly large u.s. banks. connell: are they doing enough to prepare the banks? >> the banks have been hit so hard repeatedly over these past years that every major bank in the u.s. and most the major banks in the world are working on these issues. it is really tough. connell: what is the difference that you have been seeing over the last however many weeks or month? >> sure. hundreds of thousands of corrupted personal computers. these are coming out of the cloud. enormous network servers. it is through corrupted websites that are being posted within the cloud. the first hour of the attack is very high and very difficult to defend against. connell: this meeting at the white ho
obama is headed back to the. >> lyn:'s den to meet with house republicans while senate democrats plan something they haven't done in four years. >>> plus, signs senate leader mitch mcconnell may be afraid of ashley judd, a golfer swallowed by this sinkhole and financial hackers have messed with the wrong people. beware, president obama son your case. good morning. the cardinals are inside the sistine chapel for a second day of voting. members of the faithful are gathering in st. peter's square while cardinals are planning to go through four ballots today. tuesday's voting yielded black smoke. nbc is at the vatican this morning for. have they started voting yet? >> marra, we believe they are. they have started vote org about to vote. we were told every morning at 4:30 eastern, they will get into the sistine chapel from their residence where they sleep overnight inside the vatican walls to cast first ballots. how is that going to work? they can cast two ballots in the morning and two in the afternoon. if the first ballot is successful, then we should expect some white smoke to come out
considering the way he's negotiated in the past. >> president obama comes back to the white house this afternoon to meet with secretary of state john kerry then a group of private sector ceos to talk about cyber security. afterwards, it is another meeting with business leaders this time to discuss immigration reform. a meeting with new treasury secretary jack lew and over to the st. regis hotel where he will give a speech to organizing for action. that's a nonprofit that emerged out of his re-election campaign. and today is the first full day of the papal conclave. black smoke rose from the chimney of the sistine chapel yesterday evening and again this morning indicating no 2/3 consensus yet from the 115 cardinals gathered inside. there will be four votes a day until one cardinal gets enough votes to win the papacy. we will see smoke again this afternoon. it comes from the burning of the ballots. wet straw used to be used to turn the ballots black but now they use a chemical instead. we're likely to see black smoke for awhile because again there is no front-runner as of yet. back
will influence businesses such as facebook. >> the obama administration is leaning on the business world to help in the fight against cyber attacks. >> here is the bloomberg business report. >> the white house is not taking attacks lightly and president obama will discuss cyber security with corporate executives today in washington. the world has its eyes on the sistine chapel when souvenir shop said they are ready to produce small posters of the new pope an hour after chosen. fans of fantasy game of thrones can enjoy a new beer which was crafted in partnership between hbo and a brewery which should be widely available in the coming weeks in time for the season three premiere. before i go, stocks on wall street are taking a breather and the dow tacked on more slight gains for another winning session. at the new york stock exchange for the bloomberg business report this morning. >> now the weather forecast. >> we have a foggy forecast. mike nicco is tracking it. >> in east bay hills camera near berkeley hills area we are looking to the west and it is hard to see anything other than the lights in
. president obama makes another trip to capitol hill this afternoon to meet with republicans in the house. yesterday the gop released its plan to balance the budget in ten years and to do it without increasing taxes. president obama was asked about that budget in an exclusive interview with abc's george stephanopoulos. >> my goal is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance. my goal is how do we grow the economy, put people back to work and if we do that we're going to be bringing in more revenue. if we've controlled spending and we've got a smart entitlement package then potentially what you have is balance but it's not balance on the backs of, you know, the poor, the elderly, students who need student loans, families who have disabled kids. that's not the right way to balance our budget. >> and you can see that full interview coming up later today on "good morning america." >>> also the president discussed a major hacking scandal targeting celebrities, but he refused to say if the information posted about the first lady is actually authentic. the fbi and secret service
." ♪ ♪ >> dana: so the charmer-in-chief is at it again. president obama wined and dined lawmakers at a restaurant near the white house and today tried to court them on their turf on capitol hill with the first of four meetings in the next three days. the mission to win support for a big budget deal. the president made room on the dance card for another sit down with abc news today. what is the new public campaign really all about? the national journal asked a senior white house official and that perp revealed what is behind it -- person revealed red what is behind it all. it's a joke, waste of the president's time. something only being done for the media. greg, let me ask you. who are you going to believe? your own eyes or a senior administration official from the white house? >> greg: i have never trusted my eyes, dana. they let me down many times, usually around last call. like a good grad student president obama thinks you can talk your way to prosperity. is there a reporter left in the country who hasn't sat down with him? i think of one. triumph the insult dog. when you major in sit-ins this
obama was notified at the white house that the vatican, the white smoke, during his house gop meeting. and he relayed the information to the house republicans. so there you have the president there with house republicans in this country and a budget for example that we've been discussing that some view, i don't want to drag politics too much in this, but we do know it does throw into our problems and what we decide is a priority. >> and just to get into the usual things that you and i talk about, it is 50/50 between the two parties. catholic democrats catholic republicans, equally representing reality. they don't take side, catholics. it is an interesting block. they don't have like a preferred default party. they were reagan, for eisenhower, for republicans, for bill clinton. somewhat split on obama. i would like to see the president do something dramatically in terms of the new elevation, coronation. i would like to see him go over for it, but i don't know that he will. i think secretary of state will come, joj john kerry, he's roman catholic. i think it would be wonderful if the pr
. the last time president obama spoke face to face with house republicans was june of 2011. today's visit on capitol hill comes as democrats and republicans are unveiling dramatically different budgets leaving many to wonder if the meetings will produce more than just talk. president obama ramping up his outreach to congress with four meetings on capitol hill this week. today, a rare lunch with house republicans. on tuesday, a give and take with democrats behind closed doors. beyond the smiles, not everyone at the white house is happy about the meetings. the national journal reports an unanimous senior white house officially called the meetings a joke and said, i hope you all in the media are happy. we are doing it for you. >> i have no idea who said that. but that opinion has never been voiced in my presence, in the president's presence, in the west wing. >> reporter: adding to the tension, both parties are rolling out starkly different budgets. senate democrats unveiled theirs today. sources say it will cut the deficit by $2 trillion through tax hikes and spending cuts. gop leaders say
forward with his house republican budget one that would do away with obamacare. >> we want to prevent this law which we really do believe will do great damage to families in the healthcare system of america. >> it is an absolute hoax to say on the one hand that you're balancing your budget and on the other hand that you're eliminating obamacare. >> senate democrats argue the republicans' plan will hurt the middle class so they are going to deliver their own budget plan tomorrow. >>> on wall street today the dow barely eked out its 8th straight gain logging its longest winning streak though in two years. a 3-point game out the dow at 14,450. the nasdaq was down 5.5 and the s&p 500 lost 3.75. >>> a family's car seats almost killed their twin daughters after their car caught fire. now the minnesota couple is calling on car seat makers to put a quick release feature on children's car seats. kpix 5's consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains the life- saving device does exist. it's simply not on the market. >>> reporter: every time amy and kent put the
: the u.s. capitol is the site of a meeting today with president obama and the house republican conference over the issue of fiscal matters. the meeting will take place around 1:30 this afternoon. the house budget committee meets today to consider a budget plan from chairman paul ryan released yesterday. you can tune in at 10:30 on c- span3 4 those proceedings. that budget plan was released yesterday. it aims to cut $4.60 trillion in spending over the course of 10 years. that depends on a couple things, eliminating spending connecting to the affordable care act, and the changes to how medicare is administered. we want to get your thoughts on that plan released from paul ryan yesterday. 4.6 trillion cuts in spending over the next 10 years to achieve a balanced budget, he says. here's how you can weigh in this morning -- you can also reach out to us on social media as well. on twitter. on facebook. .r send us an e-mail a representative paul ryan has an overview of what he wants to achieve with a spending plan released yesterday. he says -- this a couple pages to that if you want to go to the
recognized civil unions, same-sex marriage or domestic partnership. >> the house plans to vote today on a politically charged bill that would prevent the obama and ministers from waiting if it were required to the landmark 1996 welfare reform law. if they say president obama is trying to gut work requirements and the law, a claim that is disputed by administration officials. the bill has little chance in democratic control state. last summer, the obama administration announced it would be willing to grant state waivers of some of the large requirement but only the governors can show that will will at least 20 percent more people from welfare to work. >> meanwhile president barack obamas is addressing donors and democratic activists were raising money for a group formed out of the reelection campaign. the president is headlining a today many of organizing our action, a nonprofit group created by former obama campaign aides in a white house advisor this year. the group is raising millions of dollars from dollar to rally support for issues like gun control, the immigration reform and cl
in ten years like the house is going to do. >> greta: when you mention balance, president obama talked with george stephanopoulos, abc, my goal is not to chase a balanced budget for the sake of balance. >> i guess chasing a balanced budget for the sake of balance is not -- chase ago balanced budget because first of all, it makes sense, it's good for economic growth and getting jobs created in this country. if we continue to run the trillion dollar deficits each year, it hurts our economic growth, but also, i'm the mother of two children. what are we doing? what are we passing on to the next generation? we're spending their money. it's outrageous. >> greta: why do you think the democrats have a vastly different view than republicans? >> i think they have a -- i think they have a view that if they keep spending and spending that government can solve every problem and we have a view that government has an important place, but that we believe that jobs are created in the private sector. let's create a great climate for private sector growth. a tax climate, the regulatory climate and let's
citizens. >>> 7:15. right now, the house committee on homeland security is debating the growing problem of cyber attacks. as ktvu's kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, president obama is meeting today with ceos about that same issue. kyla? >> reporter: the pentagon says cyber attacks are -- are becoming a maimer problem for the government and u.s. companies. the feds want to be more protective -- proactive. president obama laid out an order in january saying the federal government and private sectors need to share information and come up with a defense plan. around the same time we learned a secret chinese military group had been hacking into u.s. computers for years. china denied the cyber attacks but the pentagon says the country was using the internet to break into our computers and steal private information. china's goal, to get secrets on u.s. business practices and manufacturing processes. that means china could be stealing business from american companies, causing more problems for our economy. now, the president and the ceos today will come up with ways to
-- will unveil the democrats' plan and the white house says president obama -- will release his budget the week of april 8th. >>> let's bring you up so date on -- up to date on some of the other top stories we're following. president obama will meet with ceos from major companies and get their input on how the government and private sector can work together to improve cyber security. >>> police in san jose hope these newly-released photos of a man and a woman suspected of violently stealing a woman's purse, hoping the photos will lead to an arrest. police say on february 6th, the suspects knocked the woman down near a light rail station, stole her purse and got away on bicycles. >>> we're getting reaction this morning in pleasanton about threatening messages, squalled in a girls' bathroom in pleasanton. the school contacted families about this yesterday. claudine wong has been out there at the school and period 1 is just about to start. what's the mood out there, claudine? >> he, with you know, it looks like a -- well, you know, it looks like a typi
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